The Hobbit 3 – The battle of five armies… the insatiable lust of greed

I recently viewed the third installment of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of Tolkien’s work. It is entitled “The Hobbit: The battle of five armies”. I am one of those that loves the work of J.R.R Tolkien.  I was challenged in my soul as I watched this finale. I found myself trying to correlate and coalesce meaning, feelings and intuition.  I was impacted by the insatiable nature and ravenous lust that greed awakens in human beings. I often make connections by engaging the genre of poetry to mine the depths of ideas. The following is my discovery in that story:




By Todd Rutkowski



Dragon hoards lure the

Treasure seeker

Within us


Precious gems, gold and silver

Seduce and prey on the primitive


In human nature


The scent of riches awakens lust

Power and prestige shake off


At the first light of hoards


Yet the dragon, we fear

Restrains our lust

His power greater than



Dragon’s our enemy? Or friend

In disguise


Endless treasure a weight too great

To bear

Best left in the protection of 




~ by blueporch on February 27, 2015.

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