Home… and the Lord’s Table

The longing for “home” and “belonging” is universal. We belong in families, communities, clubs and cultures. It is human to long for a tribe, and to be tribal makes us human. We love to belong and we love to feel at home. Home is that place of acceptance and full embrace, with no passing of judgement on our belonging. Yet, the best of families, the most fulfilling of communities and the most fruitful cultures cannot completely satisfy the universal ache for belonging and for home. They cannot because that longing is spiritual in nature. That longing finds its ultimate home in God.

What is referred to as the Lord’s Table, Communion or the Eucharist is an experience in our spiritual life rhythms. The breaking of the bread and the taking of the cup are acts of remembering that we now belong and have a home. That act reminds us of the spiritual nature of the universal longing to belong and find home and makes way for its meeting. It is at that table that we belong and find our deepest ache for belonging met. It is in the story of the Jesus table that we realize we were once outsiders but are now welcomed in on everything (Eph 2:7 -22). It is at that table that we find the real meaning of belonging and home. This poem was penned out of such a quest. This poem was written out the realization of the spiritual nature of belonging and home.


It is so close, yet out of my control
Query of belonging speaks most
What will we make of it many ask?
Shared life, yet I still reach for my mask

I have been to the table
But not alone
With the many a shared life
I find I belong

I am not alone I settle inside
We are not alone we don’t have to hide
It is His table to which we are invited
At His table our demons end fighting

Is it not my identity that requires resolve?
For the table I sit at stayed it all
When I forget who I am and flounder in my way
I look to the table for it is there I may

For I belong at the table
There is a place set for me
Shared life is provided
My inclusion is its motif

Subtle whispers escape my heart
Who can come to this table and take part?
This stranger beside me, my brokenness may see
Must I first contain the outcast in me?

I fear this table I love to touch
Belonging to those I know not as much
I eat at this table carefree and secure
When I do, I can receive what was given so pure

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on January 8, 2015.

One Response to “Home… and the Lord’s Table”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Todd.

    Your word comes as a burning confirmation to invest ‘again’ an entire Sunday with our church family . . . Teaching on the significance of the common table, of our Lord’s invitation to come, and, as you have stated, the significance of belonging . . . Our proximity to one another and the illumination of the table candles (representative of the Spirit’s presence) exposes each of us to our common vulnerability and common need . . . I believe it’s a powerful exercise that pushes against the stronghold of too many times the table was not a safe place for people growing up . . . The table of of Lord that Jesus invites us to is redeeming so much that is broken and it is setting it right . . .

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