When business and the Kingdom collide…

As we continue on the journey here in Calgary to bring a Kingdom lens into the business environment we want to share with you one of the initiatives we have put together this Christmas. We have purchased over $10,000 worth of stock for our new initiative…MORE THAN A STORE.

We will use much of this stock to give as gifts to our vendors and suppliers and the rest of it will be made available to our close to 100 employees to enable them to purchase as gifts this season.

“MORE THAN A STORE”… it’s not just a compelling name, it is an engaging idea. Being socially conscious can mean a number of things and for us here at Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd it includes engaging with the difficult issues of world poverty and human trafficking of various kinds in the global reality in which we all live. Live locally, act globally.

More Than a Store includes free trade coffee, hand crafted gifts, bags made of recycled materials, and other items that have been harvested or created by those working their way out of poverty or human trafficking. We invite you to think about Christmas shopping and Christmas giving through a socially conscious lens but we want to do it in a way that empowers you to that end. We will be giving each employee a $20 credit in the store as a part of our Christmas gift to you. The store will be set up here at Epic in Bay #1 on December 14 to allow you the opportunity to buy gifts and goods.

Click on our two-minute video below to hear the invitation…

Merry Christmas
Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on December 7, 2012.

One Response to “When business and the Kingdom collide…”

  1. Terrific idea, Todd. Wonder how fast the idea will be adopted and spread to other parts of North America and the world……

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