Trailer Park…pt 1 – the incarnational journey

Her name was Susan (not her real name). After I told this story publicly at her church in Vancouver a few months ago she came over to me to introduce herself.

I was stunned to meet her, to hear her say to me,

“I know those people you speak of, I know that place you were describing, I was there in that story on the margins and remember hearing about you people.” Then Susan went on to say she that recently she had encountered Jesus and was on the journey to face her addictions. She now lived in a home for women recovering from addiction.

I was left speechless.

It was fall 2005. My friend and fellow sojourner, Franz Wesley and I were forging out an incarnational spiritual life for ourselves. We had longed to be intentional but not predetermined. We had desired to be attentive to people but not see them as projects. We had hoped to be focused but stay authentic. Really, we wanted to find out if relationship, love and simply listening to the promptings of the Father were enough.

Would actively listening to God be enough to join him in seeing his work done. No striving, no projects… just seeing God at work in people and responding with relationship.

Would it be enough?, was our question.

We had grown several attractional expressions of spiritual community, a “come to us” view of spiritual community previously but we were hungry for something more, something that engaged those viewed as outsiders to feel like insiders without coming to join a meeting to become insiders with God.

We hoped for something that connected to people who had little experience with the love of the Father and who weren’t about to go to a church to look for what their hearts searched.

We longed to love those in our city and care for the people at the margins, those who were casualties of injustice; whether self – induced or through societal oppression.

Yet the question remained for us…Who were those specific people that God was inviting us to serve and love?

We had walked many streets, drove through many neighbors, served social organisations and engaged community retailers, all looking for where we should emotionally engage with our lives.

I had even participated in a ride-a-long with the police one evening to get the lay of the land, the who’s who of the issues of the city and in doing so discovered where all the safe houses were and where the crime bosses lived.

We eventually stumbled into a most amazing journey of living incarnationlly… we didn’t see it coming or plan it very well.. we stumbled into it.

See Trailer Park…pt 2 – the incarnational journey for the next leg of the story

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on October 8, 2012.

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