Creative World Justice – Mission, B.C.

In just over a week we will have the second annual Creative World Justice (CWJ), August 10-12. This is a festival for all ages where there is something for everyone. There will be some excellent teaching and great music by local artists.

There will also be worship, prayer, an open mic, poetry reading opportunities and opportunities to make art etc. There is also a wonderful Creative World Kid’s Program – Kids aged 5 through 12 will engage in making art, experiencing creation and partnering in justice.

The children’s program this year will be led by Urban Promise ( ) who are really experienced in running after school and summer camps for kids all over North America.

As well as trying to stir all of our hearts rightly towards justice, CWJ are also trying to find ways to make it very accessible and practical for people with families or those who live in the suburbs. Joyce Rees is one of the main speakers and she will also be teaching a workshop on justice in our local neighbourhoods.

The best thing to do is to go for the weekend and camp with many of us who are doing that, but there is also an option to go for the day on Saturday.

Dawn Humphrey’s

~ by blueporch on August 3, 2012.

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