Loving a few people well…Shane Claiborne

“Faithful action is always inspired and sustained by common convictions”, says Wilson-Hartgrove. Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove introduce 5 questions Christians wrestle with in their working/study book “The Awakening of Hope”.

This book re-presents Christian faith by beginning with stories of faithful witness and asking, Why?

Why do we practice a common faith?

Why do Christians eat together?
Why do we make promises?
Why do we fast?
Why it matters where we live?
Why would we rather die than kill?

These are the questions that help us see why creation and the fall, covenant and community, ethics and evangelism matter. This book and its accompanying DVD project is a contemporary catechism, celebrating lives and stories that wouldn’t make sense if the gospel were not true. And then going one step further, this project shares the good news of Jesus and the way of life that he makes possible.

Watch the 3 minute trailer as they introduce their project.

~ by blueporch on July 18, 2012.

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