dust of people – visual artist Bryan Haab

His name is Bryan Haab. I met him recently over sharing cedar plank salmon and a corona at the home of Jim Bishop… Bryan cooked the potatoes, I cooked the asparagus, Scott brought the beer and Jim grilled the salmon… Three did well, one not so much. I was the one!

An intense visionary, Bryan has wrested with expressions of faith, art and culture for the last 14 years. Bryan is a Swiss-Canadian visual artist living with his Canadian wife in Basel, Switzerland, where he runs a foundation called Soul Works Foundation.

As a sculptor Bryan has formed and shaped many 3 dimensional visual art projects, some held in esteemed places. One of Bryan’s projects is called the “Dust of famous people”. Watch this 5 minute video as Brian uses art, humanity, dust and water to erase the lines of perceived value between the rich, poor, marginalized and famous people. It is both moving and still in process!

Todd Rutkowski


Clear as Water and Dust
the inspiration
Imagine a group of life-size and fully transparent people form all walks of life, from a world-class star
to a prominent and middle class person to a nobody (someone who has struggled or even been
rejected by the world). They all face and behold the dust of their mortality, that they hold in their
hands. Is this not a metaphor that visualizes a very simple but basic ancient truth of our humanity? For
if we engage ourselves with the fact of our mortality, we can come to a realization that positions
people of various stature and class on the same level and humbles every hidden human arrogance.

~ by blueporch on July 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “dust of people – visual artist Bryan Haab”

  1. So inspiring! Will be praying for all God has in this creative adventure. Praying for encounters w the creator as people are brought face to face w the truth of their created self. Walls of injustice come down and the love of thw Father bring people together. Love your passion, vision, and obedience Bryon.

  2. Thank you fro your prayers Chad. Thank you Todd for sharing this vision. There is an epic battle attached to effectively sharing this truth. I hope for a break through soon. God Bless you both, Bryan

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