Reflections on the collective – video clips a comin’

Reflections…During the blueporch collective this last weekend we presented a number of 2 – 4 minute video clips from various voices from around the world that are wrestling with different aspects of this same conversation. These clips gave us jumping points for conversation around the authentic life, the expansive life, the kingdom life, the missonal life, the poured out life, the creative life, the supernatural life and the sacred life.

I will pass along those clips one at a time for those who would like a second look at them and for those who weren’t able to join us this weekend and would like to look at them. The one included here is – THE MISSIONAL CHURCH – illustrates the missional church in a simple way…

We also had some amazing worship times together led by Chad Block, Aaron Tombe, Rosie Bishop and Andy Wilson. We also created some art together. We were each given a piece of a partly painted board at the beginning of the weekend and asked to express something POSITIVE (without using words) about our experience with community this last year (not knowing what the picture communicated). The 40 or so pieces of art were all put together to create the following picture hidden in the pieces…. amazing! Well done Jim Bishop and Daniel Schuster.

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on April 23, 2012.

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