blueporch collective – April 20th – 22nd

The blueporch blog crossed the mark of 12,000 views this week… we will continue to post and connect through this media form as things and ideas present themselves…the rhythm is “when we have something to say or share” we post.

This weekend coming up is the blueporch collective in Calgary…about 35-40 of us from Vancouver to Calgary will gather together at JLYS in downtown Calgary around a conversation…

The blueporch collective is all about conversation. It’s about wrestling with the nuances when we have conversations about faith, mission, family, justice, art, work and neighbourhood.

For too long we have compartmentalized our lives. We do ministry in one space, we have jobs in another space, we play in another space and we do family and art in another totally different geographic place…and none of those relational lines seem to blur together. Yet each of us are desperate to find and participate in the invitation of God all around us in our everyday lives.

We all understand that some form of the church gathered is necessary, no matter its size or rhythm of gathering… but we also believe that the church scattered is crucial if we are to make a difference at all in our world. We are all looking to live the authentic life and want to live every day experiencing the Kingdom of God.

We are all trying to learn how to love well and freely, not necessarily with intention, but rather with attention to what is happening around us while having the courage to emotionally engage. This seems to be the heartbeat of this conversation.

That’s why we’re not inviting you to a conference…but to a conversation.

There’s so much to talk about, yet there are no speakers… there is so much to experience, yet we don’t really know what all is in store for us. We’re just a group of friends opening our homes to you, sharing our stories and our space…most of our conversation will likely take place around great meals, but also some creative experiences while we worship and wait on God for His fresh life and empowering.

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on April 14, 2012.

One Response to “blueporch collective – April 20th – 22nd”

  1. Looking so forward to being with everyone, and hearing what God is doing in lives. Especially looking forward to what He has in store as we worship and share journeys.

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