Kony2012 – Part II – Beyond famous

If you have followed the Kony2012 global campaign released a month ago you could not ignore the criticism, the questions and the doubts about such an effort and its strategy… with over 85 million views of the first video, which holds the record for the fastest viral video in the history of the internet, much has happened in political arenas, Africa and in the hearts of people around the globe.. including the abduction of 57 more children by the LRA. Watch this 20 minute video called Kony2012 part II and you may get a more complete view of the history, story and present reality…with Africans weighing in…it may settle your heart and mind should participation still be in your heart.

~ by blueporch on April 5, 2012.

One Response to “Kony2012 – Part II – Beyond famous”

  1. Heya, Todd . . . I happened by the blueporch today and noticed that you had IC’s reposte up. You mentioned in your previous post about KONY 2012 that the campaign could be a game-changer. I suspect it could inspire numerous copy-cats. That said, I will be interested to see if it makes any difference to the issue addressed by this columnist at the Atlantic Monthly:

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