Prodigals, Nomads and Exiles…

As a good friend of David Ruis, Gary Stratton invites us to connect to the journey of artists, scientists, political leaders, business leaders, educational leaders, producers, directors, composers, philanthropists, authors/bloggers, athletes and other cultural influencers…He brings his many thoughts and the thoughts of others to his website “TWO HANDED WARRIORS – Re-imagining faith and culture one story at a time”

Dr. Gary David Stratton, PhD combines a deep passion for transforming culture through higher education and the arts with a lifelong commitment to spiritual awakening. Gary’s knack for integrating the life of the mind, and the life of the arts with the life of the Spirit has propelled him to a career of developing cultural leaders from Hollywood to the Ivy League.

An award-winning teacher in the classroom and on the speaking circuit, Gary’s use of Academy Award winning films to teach worldview, spiritual formation and theology has deeply resonated with a visual generation.

In Hollywood, Gary has served as a story consultant, as well as Executive Director of Act One, a nonprofit organization training Christians for careers in mainstream media. Act One graduates include the Emmy Award-winning producer of Intervention (A&E), creative staff for films such as The Blind Side and The Killing Game, as well as writers for shows such as The Unit (CBS), Justified (FX),Unnatural History (CN), Leverage (TNT), and Hawaii Five-0 (CBS).

One of his newest posts is a video by David Kinnaman on PRODIGALS, NOMADS and EXILES: Five Myths about Why Millennials are Leaving the Church, by David Kinnaman… worth a look

~ by blueporch on April 2, 2012.

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