Transition to incarnational living

Making the transition toward more missional and incarnational forms of life together in the neighborhood is a complex task for any person or group. You want mentors who are actually living through the complexities and coming out on the other side with life and joy and wisdom. Nieu Communities are such people, living and wrestling with the realities of living out their faith where they live, work and play. Here is a short clip of their journey.

~ by blueporch on March 25, 2012.

One Response to “Transition to incarnational living”

  1. I met Rob Yackley, through Randy Knutson, a few years ago when he was launching this. I love this type of stuff – schools of discipleship like YWAM and Streams (John Paul Jackson’s version). Sarah and I been connected with Steams in Vancouver for about five years, I went through all John Paul’s courses, and have been really blessed. Schools of ministry and discipleship can be great blessing to a neighbourhood, and places for leadership development. Working with local churches, or planting their own sustainable churches through evangelism and outreach doesn’t seem to be always attainable – or a predominant goal. Due to the short-term nature of student life and the challenge with relationships with non-Christians and neighbourhoods taking more time than the students are attending for. Best thing I’ve seen is YWAM in Mazatlan. There seems to be a high level of independence and a distinctly theological element to these communities/schools because they are para-church from the get-go. Love to see this strategy for leadership development and equipping done well in-house – within a network of churches where developing leaders can continue on.

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