Rebuttal to Invisible Children’s Kony2012

Some may argue that the “Invisible Children” campaign to stop Joesph Kony in 2012 has simplified the issues, missed the mark of inclusion on those equally culpable for these crimes, nurtured a savior mentality for the west and lost sight of effective advocacy… and they may be right.

You can read counter perspectives on the issues related to this story circulating on facebook and you should… and then draw your own conclusions.

However, I would contend that this story is less about stopping the bad guy (Kony) and more about the social experiment determining whether we have reached a tipping point in history for how power disseminates in the world.

That is what is at stake here to me.

There is no financial loss/gain at risk for the Western World in this war. Our Western homeland security is not threatened over this war. There is nothing at risk to what our policies makers are commissioned to protect. It is about something more. It is about crossing over to a global community. It is about the grassroots.

It is about whether a wave of human beings from various races, languages, geography and generations can swell to the point where a tidal wave shifts the place of power. In 48 hours there have already been 15 million views of this video (with the filmmakers envisioning 500,000 views total in the end) and hundreds of rally’s established in cities all over the world.

Will there be enough collective power to make a power shift? This is about that something that is not on the individual agendas of many nations priorities being placed on the collective agenda of those nations who are not bound by laws and political power.

It is about the restructuring power across political boundaries, geographic boundaries and priorities….let’s wait and see or take part and see.

If it works…we have entered a whole new world and things will never be the same again!

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on March 7, 2012.

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