Simple church has led to the simplicity of faith

Simon (not his real name) is a successful architect from China learning English in Canada.

One woman in the spiritual community worked alongside Simon in the linguistics department at a local university. After logging some life together and sharing conversation, this woman invited he and his girlfriend to share a meal with their community in a home. About 25 to 35 men, women and children gather regularly in a home to share a meal, spiritual conversation and pray for each other.

This day Simon and his girlfriend joined in with the community as they met in a home. After sharing a meal and carrying on with spiritual conversation there was a time of worship and waiting on God.

The family that hosted the meal sensed God was up to something as they prayed together that morning. There was light all over Simon as they looked at him. The husband of the host couple felt there was an invitation from God to this man, though it was the first time they had met.

He carefully, yet boldly said to Simon “I think God is inviting you into his family today”. With eyes wide the man replied, “I think he is too”.

On that day last summer new spiritual life began for Simon. He and his Chinese girl friend have continued to be part of the simple church to this day. In fact they decided that they wanted to be married. Last Saturday this simple church community held their first wedding…in a living room of course. With a few witnesses, the simplicity of regular life in a community of people where they felt known gathered around them to witness their vows.

Simon is not the first person to experience the life of God for the first time in this simple church community.

The host’s family next door neighbors are encountering Christ as well. After watching hockey games together on T.V., sharing birthday parties and a fence, God’s invitation came to these neighbors and discipleship has happened out of the proximity of relationship.

These neighbors are hearing for the first time the stories of the bible. Experiencing God and learning the bible and principles of God’s kingdom are happening in one on ones and two on twos and in larger gatherings.

For these 4 adults, Chinese couple and the neighbors, the journey is fresh and new, for this community it is full of life as they get to watch and be with people as they experience so many “firsts” in the Kingdom of God.

With permission to share their story I am excited for the journey we all share
Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on February 22, 2012.

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