What matters – moving song by Nico

The first time I met him he was 10 years old.  I was one of the leaders of the youth team we were on together travelling around British Columbia for 6 weeks with 50 other young people and adults. Nico was a typical 10 year old boy…We reconnected several years later when Nico was a grown man, married with a family of his own and had moved back from the U.S. to where we lived in Kelowna, B.C. He joined our spiritual community and I was thrilled to see who Nico had become.

Nico introduced me to Innis and Gunn last year… sitting together in his backyard catching up on story.

In 2008 Nico lost his father to cancer.  I remember the struggle of those dying days. Above is a picture of Nico kissing his father in those dying days. Nico had a dream about his father after this death.  A very vivid dream that Nico shared on the blueporch blog in May of 2010, entitled, “A dream that changed me”.

Nico sent me a song on the message part of fb the other day that he had just written and recorded out of that dream.  Nico asked if I would share it with the blueporch community. After listening to the song I absolutely would love to share it with you…. be moved by the power, honesty and beauty of the song… and be moved by the mysterious hope that arises out of honest loss.

Below is both the song and dream sung and shared by Nico in a music video….. In this Christmas season about family and the often broken aspects of family, be reconnected to the love of the FATHER!

Todd Rutkowski

Click on the link below

What Matters

~ by blueporch on December 18, 2011.

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