Untold stories

There are many untold stories that cannot be told. I would love to share with you some of my journey into the lives of people as I serve as the doorman, pastor, mediator and process king in an HR role. But I cannot break confidence so the stories will stay alive and living but untold here.

Human Resources in a business with a missional and spiritual lens is absolutely fascinating. With dozens and dozens of employees from diverse ages, ethnic backgrounds, spirituality and education the sky is the limit for challenges and for opportunities. I don’t think I have felt this alive in a while.


Because I have automatic entrance into the lives of people whose common denominator isn’t faith but their livelihoods. They are pulling together day in and day out. There isn’t a fussiness around belief or religion. Yet through invitation, through authentic living, through prophetic discernment I can walk gently and strongly into people’s lives as the pastor they didn’t know they had. It is a sobering reality, actually.

When you enter the lives of people from the dimension of employment you realize you have a voice, a strong voice that one must manage carefully, soberly and with due process. In this role I am made clearly aware of the limits of power and work diligently to define and referee them. It is humbling.

With many stories left untold I am encouraged by the difficult and the wonderful in that I can see the Kingdom of God at work all around. He is building his Church and calling people to himself in the middle of our brokenness. When we live our everyday lives with spiritual intention the expanse of the work of God is breath-taking. It requires a moment of pause when we realize how wide, how high and high deep his love really is reaching in everyday realities. He is there if we can see him.

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on September 10, 2011.

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