“I just want a dad”

Chiang Mai Slum

Somchia & Poomarin live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I first met them 5 years ago. They are a wonderful Thai young couple.

For some time now they have served the people in a slum nearby to their home in Chiang Mai. In Thailand, unlike western cities, the poor, middle class and wealthy are all inter-mingled spatially. You can see 3 or 4 nice homes and an outdoor mall right next to a slum. You may see a newer office building or hotel next door to a slum or a couple of run down homes and so on. The social classes share the same space.

No one asked them to do it, no one invited them to do it. It was simply something Somchia & Poomarin have had in their hearts to do. They chose to respond to what they felt was God’s invitation to them, while raising their daughter and working jobs. They found themselves taking items of clothing, food and spending time getting to know and care for the people they met in the slum. Their hearts were caught.

Earlier this year a team of our friends from Bangkok went up to spend some praying with Somchai and Poomarin to encourage them. The Holy Spirit fell on Somchai and God did an updated work in his heart and their hearts and increased their expectation. They then wanted to see what happened with them, happen to their friends in the slum. They organized a youth camp and about 15 teens from the slum came and the team from Bangkok came too.

Most of the teens responded to Jesus’ love and were impacted by the power of the Holy Spirit that weekend– many tears were shed.

Just a few weeks ago another camp was held with those same teenagers and those teens brought more friends and even some of their mother’s came. In part the mom’s came to see what was going on. Six of the original teens were baptized at the camp and few more new teenagers responded to the work of Jesus in their hearts.

To give you a context realize Thailand is a 99% Buddhist country.

One of the mother’s present at the camp was the “loan shark” of the slum. Meaning she held a lot of power over people as she loaned money at very high interest. She was there mostly because she didn’t like what was happening to her son and the other kids. She was losing her power. But God! The Holy Spirit fell on her over the weekend as members of the Bangkok team became to speak the specifics of God’s heart to her. At one point she asked them if they were “fortune tellers” since they knew so much about her. They, of course, told her it was simply her Heavenly father sharing his heart with her through them, wanting her to know He sees her. She too responded to Jesus, with many tears. Many of the new teens and this mom began speaking in a spiritual tongues as well.

When one of the teenage boys (about 17 years old) was asked why he responded to Christ he simply said, “I just want to have a dad”. Wow, did his response cause a lot of tears in the team from Bangkok as they realized he understood God as father.

Another 18 year boy almost didn’t come to the camp as his father was in a car accident days before and was unconscious in the hospital. One of the people praying for him talked about the reality that God was going to heal his dad (when this person knew nothing of the story). The boy looked up wide – eyed with expectation as he knew no one knew about what had just happened the day before to his father.

The next day the dad became conscious in the hospital and the first thing he said was “where is my son?”. God knows us so well.

It is good to be reminded from the life of our Thai friends. The journey is about listening to the father and acting on His voice regularly. That is it… hear and obey!

Keeping it simple
Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on August 28, 2011.

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