famous will be his name

I like my new job as a HR manager in a company with close to 200 people to resource.  I have told the community working here in Calgary that I am here “to guard the soul of this company”.  They seem to appreciate that perspective on HR.  I like that the company is a mix of followers of Jesus and not.

I like that the culture is the interweaving of professionals, labourers, single moms, young men, skilled managers, technicians, mechanics, marketers, etc.  I love the clash of worlds of gender, faith and life. I like that there are people with PhDs on staff and people who didn’t finish high school.  I love the diversity!  I love that we make money but money isn’t our only goal.  I love that we are about people and the Kingdom of God.  I love that I get to do this journey with friends.  And I have already discovered that God loves it all too!

Two weeks ago I got word that one of our sub-contractors former employees committed suicide the week prior. He was barely 35 when he ended his life.

His mother flew out from Quebec for the funeral and one of our project coordinators stepped in and helped bring support to the foremen and his crew along with the mother.  I later said to our coordinator, “Did you offer his mom that we could do the funeral?”  He looked at me stunned.  I said, “We can do funerals, you know”.

“Never thought of that”,  he said,

“You have a HR manager with a pastor’s license… we can do that sort of thing here”, I replied.  We were all saddened by the loss.  We felt the loss and the community paused because we are about people.

He sits in the desk right beside me most days I am working in Calgary.

He is a consultant hired to train me in the technical aspects of my job and he is becoming my friend.   His life is an amazing God story.  Though raised in a spiritual family his significant losses as a young man resulted in him walking away from God and becoming infamous in a dark underworld.  Eventually Jesus encountered him and he has been following him ever since.

He has teenage children now.  He has recently discovered some unprocessed past stuff starting to resurface, reliving its life.   He began to share the God wrestle with us one morning early as work started.  Merlin and I just reached over and began to pray for him.  We invited the Holy Spirit to come touch him.  We spoke some words over him and tried to hear God together for that moment.  The rest of the day my friend was undone!  The holy spirit landed on him and he couldn’t shake his grip all day.  That weekend he went home and sat his family down together.  As he shared his heart and poured out his heart the family wept together. Freedom began to come to them. God was present and doing some healing.  I love the clash of life and faith and work and play.

Famous will be his NAME. Wherever we are we should continue to invite the presence of Jesus, as all of life is sacred.

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on July 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “famous will be his name”

  1. Yay! I love this!!!

  2. Since we are talking about people being more than projects it might be important to know I had the story read by the person it involved asking their permission to share it… and they were happy for me to tell their story to others.

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