gender, parenting and the media…

I was challenged in reading the following article… I pulled out a small part of the article with a link to the rest of it….

Daniel Schuster, Calgary, Alberta

“It is important to challenge orthodoxies and raise questions, because the discussion that emerges not only “outs” issues (in a rush to pass judgment, people articulate prevailing views, prejudices, and misconceptions), but also has the effect of helping people examine whether they truly do believe the status quo to be the best that we can do.”

For the complete article click on the link below

Kathy Witterick is the Mom of Jazz, Kio and Storm. They live in Toronto.
(taken from the Ottawa Citizen)

~ by blueporch on June 8, 2011.

One Response to “gender, parenting and the media…”

  1. I was not so much shocked, but disappointed by the ‘spin’ the media put on this story as they reported it…they labeled it as “Parents trying to raise a genderless child”…which, as it turns out, is totally not what they are trying to accomplish. I appreciate the simplicity in which Kathy (the mother) is trying to protect her children, give them awareness of prevailing views, and ultimately wanting them to live in freedom.

    On another note, The above quote is taken from the article in which Kathy states her reason for not announcing the gender of her child…

    1. because her 5 year old wondered what would happen if they didn’t (who could’ve predicted the media firestorm)…

    2. to “challenge orthodoxies and raise questions”…

    I thought this quote was equally applicable to ‘church’ today…is the “status quo the best we can do”?

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