Slaughtered goats & touched lives Pt 2

About a month ago, a similar thing happened. Robert was visiting another young Nepalese friend, a more devout Hindu whose family prays at a small shrine in their home. While looking at pictures of Robert’s first trip to Nepal, L. saw Canadian and Nepali pastors laying hands on a woman in a remote mountain village.

Hindu prayer altar

He asked, “Are they taking the evil spirits out of her body?”

Taken aback, Robert replied, “Maybe not with this woman, but we do that sometimes. When Jesus lived on Earth, he took out a lot of evil spirits. He told his followers to do the same and promised to be with them to help them.”

This led to more conversation about Hinduism and Jesus.

At one point, L. said, “Some day I would like to find a guru and learn more mantras, to get more spiritual power. Some of them can put their hand on your head and send you [instantly] to the next village.”

Robert was feeling the urge to pray for his friend. But nothing specific came up to pray for, and L. abruptly said, “Ok brother, I’m going to sleep now.”

He stood up and shook his hand to say goodbye so Robert said in Nepali, “I would like to pray a blessing for you.” L. was pleasantly surprised and agreed. He sat back down and Robert invited the Holy Spirit to come. On this occasion, he took more time to wait and listen. He shared some words from God’s heart for L., who sat with his eyes staring into space.

“What do you feel?” Robert asked.

“It’s like… electrified… power. Especially when you put your hand on my head–I could feel the…vibration. I feel really good, man! Like, the stress went away.”

He added, to Robert’s delight: “Did they teach you that in church?”

Since then, more opportunities for prayer, friendship and sharing life have happened for Robert and his new-found Nepalese community. In fact, Robert plans to go back to Nepal with them in the fall to visit their home villages.

Though Robert owns his own home he has chosen to live in our suite (for more community) for the last 9 months, as he has been on this journey with the Nepalese community. It has been exciting to feel part of this unfolding story with him. My greatest encouragement comes from realizing Robert has caught the heart of the Kingdom of God in the message of I Peter 2:9 . That message is that the Christian experience includes understanding our spiritual identity as part of the “chosen many”, who are letting Christ live his life through us to others. Not leaving the work of the Kingdom of God to an anointed few.

Robert is just an everyday single guy. He doesn’t have any specific bible training, nor is he a pastor. He has a regular job and went to University like most do in Canada. He just acts on the gospel, that is the difference.

This is exciting news for all of us really. As Superman Jesus can work through Clark Kent Robert, or Clark Kent me, or Clark Kent you on any day or in any moment if we trust and take a step!

Christianity and the missonal life is not a journey of performance or pressure but an invitation to let go into the life of Christ living through us. John Wimber called it being “His Fool”.

Does it get any more fun than this?!

Todd Rutkowski
(with edits from Robert)

~ by blueporch on May 15, 2011.

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