Angel with no name

Easter, without a doubt, is my favorite time of year.

In part, because Easter lands in spring – the hope of the fresh and new. In part, because the greatest story ever told happened at Easter, and in part because the Easter story carries all the ingredients of the universal experience of life, packed into 3 short days. Life has the dark days of disappointment and loss, and the saturdays of the in-between reality of absorbing real pain, and Sunday the hope of a future. The rescue that Easter Sunday affords.- the resurrection, gives us the hope of a “break through” in our lives.

3 distinct days,
3 distinct human realities
All rolled into one life lived.

Most of life is lived in the experience of saturday…the in-between day.

Saturday represents the experience of pain and loss and the waiting and longing for rescue. When we have limited experience with Easter Sunday-like encounters with God in our life, we become prone to cynicism and our emotional reality is marked by the feelings of Good Friday-like loss. When we experience “tastes” (Hebrews 6:5) of the Kingdom to come… deliverance from pain and sorrow, we tend to live expectant and can handle Saturday living with a greater security in the hope of an Easter Sunday experience. We become more trusting of the rescue, when it is delayed.

Let’s learn how to embrace the fullness found in the 3 days of the Easter story… All 3 days carry significant meaning and real life challenge. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light.

Let me leave you with a poem I wrote about the 3 days of Easter all compacted into a childhood event that took place in my 10 year old life.

Angel with no name

Travelling country roads home to the city
My 10-year-old thoughts overcome
Father seated to my right, inebriated and losing control
Mother to my left, driving the family to safety
Weekend camping trip routine I thought
A ride home that still haunts me

Caught in the middle
Of our 1973 Pontiac front bench seat
We came to a halt on that country road
My younger siblings escaping the rear seat rapidly
Father grasping for my right arm
My mother reaching for the left
A tug – of – war ensued
Tormented, I emotionally froze

Moments later a night-mare
broke into reality, my adult eyes recall
A mother and her 3 children fleeing for their lives
While a father, a lover, or a demon in disguise, pursued
A long road proved too short to outrun evil
Harm in mind, a wicked fist in motion
Aimed for his bride
But thwarted, by whom?
None could see except through the eyes of faith

The running continued
An unfamiliar farm-house looked safe to them
Behind the bunker of a stranger’s home
A father, a husband is kept at distance
Until another day

There are evil days that come our way
Shaping us in the language of life
In the dark a small light is most visible
It shines brightly there
I have seen the light in the dark
Though I wish I knew the Angel’s name

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on April 22, 2011.

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