Sock monkey’s journey to Ireland and Africa

She was 3 months old when she first saw and felt the pain, suffering and heart cries of the larger world. Attached to us, we carried our blue-eyed blonde baby up the Amazon river in Brazil along with 65 other young people, as we stopped in ports over a 6 week period from Manaus to Belem. This 3 month old saw the sights, heard the sounds and felt the emotions of the world around her. She was a gift to the many women and children who had never held or seen a blonde, blue-eyed baby. Megan, who will turn 20 next month, writes a story below of the adventure she is about to take from the U.K… She will be leading a team of 10 young people to Belfast, Ireland for a couple of weeks before they spend 2 months in Kenya and Tanzania…

a postponed project my heart has been set on to one day complete… (starting rather)

this sock monkey and myself encountered one another in my journey to Portsmouth, visiting the relatives.

after glancing at the monkey and lowering my eyes to the floor, where my feet stood accompanied by matching attire as above, i instantly knew i longed to make one of my own.

as soon as time decides to take a moment and enter my life, i will from then on have this friend whom i can strap tightly to the back of my rucksack (of course beside the silly canada flag baggage piece my family just sent me in the post) and he shall explore the world alongside me…

he will get filthy and full of dust, he will overheat and freeze his toes off. he will fall in holes and climb mountains, swim in seas, soar in planes, pair with giant crowds and remote villages, he won’t be washed and will breathe in smells beyond imagination. he will be ripped and i will sew him back together, he will see hearts changed and passion break out, behold restoration and grace, hear cries of joy, and tears of anguish. he will hear the voices of the unreached, of the orphans, of the elderly, and the rejected. he will never be left behind.

slight over exaggeration for a stuffed animal? nahh..

he will need a name!

Megan Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on March 16, 2011.

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