Foundations – A Kingdom Training Experience

There’s an old Wimberism that has been paraphrased at nauseam among pioneers within the Vineyard; throw it up against the wall and if it sticks, run with it. If it doesn’t, move on and try something else. Its more powerful than it sounds. In as much as many of us would like to do things right, this simple concept focuses on leaders doing the right things. It lets us off the hook, too, so that when our best efforts fall short we feel empowered to move forward.

Such has it been with global pioneering efforts for decades, even before Wimber gave it simple language.

The Nelson Vineyard is excited to present one of those things that seem to be “sticking,” a discipleship training school entitled Foundations…A Kingdom Training Experience. Together with local, regional, and national speakers and worship leaders, this DTS has been developed specifically for pre – Christians and new believers. This small group will journey through a year long program of formal teaching and mentoring. Students will meet formally once a month and will be exposed to essential teaching, intimate worship, hands on ministry, and be partnered with seasoned mentors, all within the context of a safe and intimate small group setting.

Most of the students are almost completely unchurched, while others are either new to Jesus or are burned out “lifers” looking to rediscover the wonder of the kingdom.

Here is an exciting story that has emerged from our first session:

We ended out first session with a call to the Holy Spirit and to ask Him to meet each person present. I had previously discussed what is meant by the prayer “Let your Kingdom Come” and what that may actually “look” like. We dialogued about what happens when He shows up in such a way that there are physical manifestations, when His presence touches or meets our physical bodies and how, when this occurs, some people will respond physically or emotionally. It was during this time that I began to ponder when the last time was when I was in a group full of eager pre & new-believers explaining the very basics of Kingdom ministry. I also hadn’t remembered the last time I had actually seen “the stuff” happen.

There was no hype, no manipulation, no loud voices, and there were no physical manifestations.

We did, however, feel His presence. It was thick. That is what kept us going, a keen sense that He was there and doing stuff regardless of what we saw. We ended the time and were excited about what He was doing in spite of our weaknesses and limitations. All afternoon following the session I pondered the events of the morning and specifically, was reminded to continue to make room for the Holy Spirit regardless of our expressions of spiritual community.

Later that day I received a text from one of our students. He is a local businessman and has been an agnostic all his life.

He said, “Thank you so much for the time of prayer today. It was the most powerful prayer I have ever received.”

That was cool. One week later Dawn and I spent the evening with this guy and his common-law wife. We sensed that the atmosphere was different this time. Other times of social connection focused on mainly surface life issues, however, Jesus was always modeled first. This time was different. There had been an evolution of relationship. It was deeper.

As we soaked in the hot tub on a blisteringly cold winter night, Jesus was the center of conversation. “I have a question about our time of prayer last week,” our friend exclaimed.

“When you prayed for me my body went all hot, almost like a fire going through my body, what was that?”

I love it when those who seem so far away from God come so incredibly close and so much quicker than we would expect.

This is a simple story of Man meets God. A beckoning to the heart of an image bearer who has yet to know the one in whose image he actually bares.

Daniel Snell

For more detailed info re: Foundations Click Here

~ by blueporch on March 10, 2011.

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  1. Fantastic Daniel!!!! Sounds exciting 🙂 I have another fantastic band from Vancouver area who would be amazing if you like. They were at the National Gathering this summer ‘She Says Electric’. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll make it happen. Peace.

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