Loss of a friend – Rob Hall killed in Africa

A world adventure with kids? Why not? For the first time in a long time we have no greater obligations than our family. Our kids can be carried, changed on the grass, happy with a stick as a toy, so we are selling our house, free ourselves of clutter and OFF WE GO! The plan? To learn what it means to be on an adventure with God. Sharing ideas on helping people launch their own adventure and hopefully in some way using our skills to bring justice and mercy to those in need…

The above words are written on the blog “with kids in tow” featuring the year-long journey of Rob & Kate Halls trip to Europe and Africa… With great pain still in my heart I share with you that Rob lost his life in a construction accident on February 22nd in Zambia, Africa. It is hard to believe Rob is no longer with us… my heart is still in disbelief.

“Daniel Robert Hall: Lover of wild flowers, canoeing, great coffee and his three kids died tragically on Tues. Feb. 22nd at about 2:30 in the afternoon in a construction accident. Thank you all for your love for us as we try to accept the impossible.” (written by his wife, Kate)

Many of you met Rob at the first blueporch collective we held in Kelowna in April, 2009. Rob & Kate are from Ontario and Rob was on staff pastoring at the Cambridge vineyard before they made this decision to sell all and live out their dream as missionaries.

Rob had emailed me last week to update me, ask a few questions and connect…. and I hadn’t responded yet… it is weird and uncomfortable to know that will be the last time I will hear from him in this life.

In his note to me Rob wrote these words at the end of his email….

Taking steps into the unknown often seems to me to be walking in the dark. We are never sure of what will pan out, if anything. In May we are planning to be back in Canada to either transition home, or raise funds to keep going. Pray for us as we try to discern what way to go.

Much love to you guys,

Rob Hall

Rob would have been 39 on March 4th…

He leaves behind his wife Kate and 3 young children, Kathryn, Simeon, Cameron… please pray for them and especially Kate as she works through the process in Africa and the return to Canada.

For more updates and ways to help check out the website set up by Kate’s family


Still in shock – a sad, sad day
Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on February 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “Loss of a friend – Rob Hall killed in Africa”

  1. We heard the news this morning and were shocked and heartbroken for Kate and theirs children. Colin spoke of Rob recently in our church and talked about Rob being a hero and a great man of faith. We all were enriched having known him. Our thought and prayers are with those that held Rob as dear.
    Blessings from Baku Azerbaijan

  2. Thank you for this update, some of us back home here in Carleton Place know that he passed away but getting any kind of details has been pretty hard. You have to wonder about God’s master plan when a guy like Rob can survive so much only to stopped by an accident….I have enough assurance of Gods intention that Rob’s legacy will be filled with miracle and wonder…he’s been a heck of an example and that alone can inspire great things to happen.

  3. I did not know Rob. I love his LORD. I found your blog when searching for something related and have been touched by your tribute to this good friend and servant of Christ.

  4. So sorry to hear of this tragedy, I knew you kate (katie) very briefly as a child maybe 4yrs old, at Cedarview before ypur moved to Isreal. I know your Mom Kathy will be a blessing to you but I have been praying for you all since our mutual friend Angie Barselaar told me of the accident. This is a very hard time for you, and I’m very sad for you all. My hope is that beauty will rise out of what must seem to be very much like ashes right now. I hope you feel upheld by your unseen christian family. Love and prayers ,Cheryl

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