A Missional Reminder

So, are you coming to visit me?” You told me you would come and visit me last week and when you didn’t come I wondered if you were mad at me? The first thoughts that went through my head were of my busy schedule… After all, what would a rich, old, Sikh bachelor know of a busy schedule anyway? Then, I was reminded of one of the main reasons Jesus had called us to this new neighbourhood. We were now neighbours with Nelson’s only South Asian families. There are two families and the patriarch Mohan, the rich, old, Sikh bachelor.

I didn’t even have to go to him. He came to me. He insisted that I visit him on a regular basis and when I didn’t, he admonished me for not doing so.

It was about 2pm and I decided to break from the more mundane administrative tasks that plagued my morning. I was glad to get out. Mohan had called the night before and reminded me of our promised visit. I began thinking that he wanted something. “He was being too nice”, I said to myself. But, I ventured up the road anyway, soon to be welcomed to the neighbourhood by the local land baron. “Surely he wants something. I have never met a East Indian who doesn’t and is willing to barter for it.” My mind was instantly full of strategies of how I was going to manage any more tasks being added to my already bulging schedule.

Just as I walked up to Mohan’s door I was reminded about mission and how Jesus was embedding us deeper into the lives of those who have yet to meet Jesus. A surge of excitement pulsated through me as the door opened and Mohan greeted me with a friendly smile. He offered me some Indian Chai and some sort of Indian vegetable, deep-fried something-or-other. It tasted great with loads of Ketchup. Thankfully he offered it to me claiming that Canadians preferred it.

As I sat and got to know my new friend I was struck with the Jesus’ command to love. Loving those who are like ourselves or who are friends seems simple when compared to loving our enemies or those who are very much unlike us. The world is filled with good people who are kind and who willingly sacrifice to serve others but what about the love that Jesus called us to? What would it look like for me to actually love Mohan? We continue to learn.

I spent most of my time with Mohan just listening. “There are two things that matter most to me in my life, right now, food & god.” He went on to tell me that his current life was a result of the type of person he was in his last life. If, in his last life he was unkind, cruel, or just a plain bad person then this life would likely be very difficult…bad karma he called it. Mohan then said that one could change the negative effect of the past life on this life by doing good things and by praying “a lot.” My first response was “How’s that workin’ for ya, Mohan?” “Good,” he replied. I then glanced down to his side table and noticed a book he was reading Yoga & the Bible. Perhaps this guy is closer than I thought. I have never heard of any Sikh converting to Christianity. I am sure it happens, though.

What if Mohan is like everyone else? What if he is tired of doing stuff to try to get right with God? What if Grace touched him?

We are truly blessed with almost fifty people like Mohan, in the Nelson Vineyard. Some come to our gatherings regularly while others show up only occasionally. We are amazed at the incredible responsibility and the privilege of joining with Jesus in this amazing mission.

Daniel Snell


~ by blueporch on January 27, 2011.

One Response to “A Missional Reminder”

  1. Dan, I appreciate that you enter HIS world/home…eat with him (even if you have to drown it in Ketchup)…and listen…
    Those are three of the most underestimated costs of living ‘mission’…

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