A tribute to Haiti – a year later

As I start my sabbatical and step away from writing for the blueporch over the next couple months (others will write) let me leave you with these thoughts on Haiti, being this week marks the tragedy of a year ago.

Tens of thousands died in Haiti a year ago this week. This is a tribute I penned last year out of the emotion I felt at that time….

The world was once again in shock. A chaotic nation further experiences chaos. An already struggling economy struggles further and an already impoverished nation sinks further into poverty. Many innocent and vulnerable die, while many lose their loved ones. Simultaneously our hearts open wide and our hearts constrict.

They open wide with longing to help, to feel the pain to connect to the injustice and loss.
Our hearts constrict as we gather our loves ones thankful that this injustice spared them and us.
They open wide as we are reminded that we are human and some of own need our help.
They constrict as we are overtly reminded that life isn’t fair and injustice is the way of human existence…

In the thick of this internal checker game the universal spiritual question of ‘Where is God’ makes its way out of the dark and surfaces once again in our collective hearts and minds. We are faced with how little control we have over our existence.

Wrong time, wrong place for those who die and right time, right place for those who live, certainly life must not be that random?

When the dark appears so come the creatures of the dark. Many a voice tried to bring definition to the darkness that the world watched unfold in Haiti over this last year. We heard interpretations from the devil to judgment, from the will of God to Karma.

However, it is still not the time to philosophize but to act, to love, to pray as the cholera epidemic takes another 3000 lives in Haiti in 2010.

Let me leave you with my prayer and heart response in a poem.


In distress God hears your cry
In your dark he bears you in mind
Though faceless to us you are fearless to him
It is with great intention he searches with skin

In your anguish you are not alone
The prayer of many, much more than you know
God is in the rubble looking for you
Carry the silence my God, with more than a few

Mounting dread must find time hard to buy
Imagining multitudes left high & dry
While wailing and weeping will not be contained
Such heart ache falls at the feet of one who remains

My dear Haiti I pray, I wait
Tragedy found you of late
To God I cry out for you and your loss
May you God of heaven redeem and give pause

Todd Rutkowski

“What can God say about evil? We want an explanation. We want to know what evil really is, why it’s there in the first place, why it’s been allowed to continue, and how long this will go on. These questions are in the bible, but frustratingly they don’t receive very full answers… What the bible gives us is both much less and much more than a set of dogmas and ethics, much less and much more than a progressive revelation, a steady unfolding of who God is. The Old Testament isn’t written to tell us about God in the abstract. It isn’t designed primarily to provide information, to satisfy the inquiring mind. It’s written to tell the story of what God has done, is doing and will do about evil.”

N.T. Wright,from his book “Evil and Justice of God.”

~ by blueporch on January 9, 2011.

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