Immigration and world poverty

Here is something to consider….Using gum balls Roy Beck illustrates the impact immigration into America is having on world poverty. Have a look at this 6 minute video presentation…. does the present plans in America (Canada for that matter) for immigration help reduce world poverty?

Interesting point of view… what are your thoughts on this perspective?

You may have to go to the blueporch homepage to view it

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on December 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Immigration and world poverty”

  1. 3 questions emerge for me in his presentation

    1. I am a 3rd generation immigrate from Poland. What if they didn’t let my grandfather come to North America? Is this a kinder, gentler version of NIMB (not in my back yard)

    2. What does “helping them there” really look like? Is the danger of ‘out of sight out of mind’ the result of that option. In other words nothing happens and no help transpires. What is the plan to helping them there look like?

    3. Is the goal of immigration to relieve world poverty? Maybe the goal of immigration is something else? World poverty is a huge issue we must face together and I am glad at least he is talking about that issue.


  2. One of the themes in the Perspectives course on World mission describes how God moves people around so that those who don’t know him would have opportunity to respond to his invitation to become people of his kingdom. Mostly, he sends emissaries, as indeed he sent Jesus; sometimes he brings people so they can have opportunity to know him. Sometimes these people movements are voluntary, sometimes involuntary. When people come to our nation, whether as invited immigrants, refugees or illegal immigrants, I believe we need to discern what God is up to and how best to co-operate with him. Building relationships with such immigrants may indeed be the catalyst they need to respond to a much more important invitation of citizenship – that of the Kingdom of God. If they become part of a missional community, they may indeed be the bridge people who will carry good news back to those 5 plus billion living in poverty who have no opportunity to reach the promised land of North America.

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