WWJD…. It was a craze, a campaign etched on a wrist band…A motto to live by. What Would Jesus Do? It was a noble attempt to put the life of Jesus back into our reality.

But WWJD is the wrong question.

The answer to that question leads us to carry Christianity on our backs. It takes what should be a ‘life in God’ and squarely places it on the ingenuity of our moral behaviour and our efforts to do as Jesus would in a given situation. While it sounds true and current, as the question to ask, in reality it puts Christianity into our hands, which is dangerous and self-defeating. I believe the better question is WIJD… What IS Jesus Doing? I don’t believe it is our work to bring the vision of Jesus to a situation. I think our place is “to see what the father is doing and connect to it” (I Jh 5:19) here and now.

The journey of life is to become fully alive. We learn the journey of life by responding to a life in God, not by initiating it. Being fully alive is about seeing and acting on what we see God doing and not on doing something we think Jesus might do in a given situation.

Every so often when reading the scriptures you find a watershed moment. John 5 is one of those moments. It is a watershed moment as it gives us the heart of what it means to become fully alive. Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem. He had found himself surrounded by hundreds of sick people (blind, crippled, paralyzed) in what might be considered a primitive hospital setting. In the middle of all that suffering he heals one and only one person. A man who had been paralyzed for 38 years. The man’s legs atrophied from decades of dragging them behind him picks up his mat and WALKS away immediately. Shock and Awe! A Miracle! Can you imagine seeing that with your own eyes? The religious leaders, people who signed up for God’s work, weren’t excited about the shock and awe campaign of Jesus. Rather they were distressed by what day of the week he chose to heal.

A guy, who is paralyzed for 38 years, walks away and they are concerned about what day of the week it is! The religious leaders shout out “It’s against the rules”. What makes one think like that? Since when is a full life in God just about getting the rules right?

Rules help us navigate but engaging with ‘life’ always trumps the rules.

Were rules the real issue or the only lever of control these leaders could find? Was it not a defensive strategy hiding their real agenda? Fear of who this Jesus was and the stir he was creating, jealousy in that he was taking their place in people’s hearts and minds. Envy that they couldn’t bring the provision of God like he did to people’s lives? How much life gets stopped up because of deeper issues masked as “the right way” I wonder? I am sure the healed man could care less what day of the week it was…and apparently God didn’t either. He broke his own rules.

Jesus eventually was confronted for his act of healing. He pushed back with this statement. “My father works on the Sabbath, so do I.” In another passage he says “The sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.” Life trumps! Then he defines an even more core invitation by expressing who he was and how he lives. “ I only do what I SEE the Father doing”. WOW!

How about… IODWISTFD (Ok the abbreviation is too long).

To be fully alive one must learn to SEE spiritually. Life is all about seeing. Seeing what God is doing in a given moment, situation, relationship, interaction, circumstance. It is a life of following, and emptying ourselves of our agenda, fears, needs and wants and looking for what he is doing here and now.

It is that simple. Strive to enter rest, the writer of Hebrews says. Strive to keep yourself dependent on God. That is the only striving we need to do. Living life this way changes the way we live: the church is every day, everywhere and everyone who is a follower is a minister. Now that is worth fighting for…

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on December 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “WWJD”

  1. OR … in the same vain, which I have referred to over the years many a time to youth groups and gathering alike is: Living out the red letters as DWJD – Do What Jesus Does!

    Great post Todd! Thanks.

  2. Good stuff Todd … chewing(bad analogy) on this today! Thank you!

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