One family’s journey of the heart…

It was 8 summers ago when our family drove half way across Canada. We had primarily traveled to take part in a summer outdoor worship celebration in Winkler, Manitoba with about 500 people from across Canada…. We had a wonderful time braving the elements all together…. There were storms, amazing sunsets and flash floods all while many of us were camping that week. There were also exciting indicators that God was with us at the gathering. One night, in fact, the very picture Rik Berry was painting on stage during our outdoor worship event (of a hand in the sky) showed up in the same form in the clouds above us moments after he finished the painting…. We all stood there staring and stunned…. God will foretell the skies?…. or Rik is God (just kidding)…

Painting of hand in the sky

Hand in the clouds

A sign from God in a painting! What a memory we had together with so many great people!

Back to the point of my story. We travelled a week early to the event so we could connect with our friends, Art & Cyndi Rae from Cambridge, Ontario. We had arranged to meet at the Lake of the Woods in Kenora, Ontario (just across the Manitoba border) for a joint family camping experience. With our kids being similar ages we thought it would be a fun idea before the celebration. It was a great week of campfires, canoeing, tree swings into the lake and friendship. At the time Art & Cyndi were pastors of the Cambridge Vineyard and we were pastors at the North Langley Vineyard. Part of the heart connection between Art and I was our connection to Brazil. Art had been to Brazil several times and Art & Cyndi had lived in Brazil for 6 months when their first son was born. I had been to Brazil multiple times and had been part of serving to see King’s Kids (A ministry of YWAM) started in Brazil and in the Amazon years earlier. In fact Maryanne and I had spent a summer in the Amazon, which included a ten-day boat trip up the Amazon River from Manaus to Belem, with our then, 3 month old baby. Art would often talk about the thought of one day living in Brazil. We had also known about Cyndi’s hesitation and uncertainty to live in Brazil. She was happy to visit but living in Brazil again was a whole other level of engagement when she looked at the self – awareness and spiritual growth she perceived they both were yet needing to experience.

With great excitement we want to let you hear their story and how God has prepared both of them to be moving to Brazil for this new adventure in his right time. The Rae’s will relocate from Ontario in early 2011 to live on the southeast tributary of the Amazon River known as the Xingu River. Have a listen to their stories in the videos below… it will urge you to believe in the power of God to change a heart, speak to hearts and prepare hearts…in HIS time.

It is all about the journey of the heart and letting God change us. The things God tells us often take years to incubate in our hearts and lives. Listen to one family’s story…

Todd Rutkowski

Click on the link after you watch the video if you want to hear more of the Rae’s story of the mission in Brazil.

~ by blueporch on November 30, 2010.

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