Life is a bitch…then you die

There is a danger in only embracing our brokenness. We can become paralyzed and lost to our full glory. There is a danger in only accepting our beauty. We can lack the humility and self awareness that relationship and life require. Knowing both beauty and brokenness point us in the direction to experience God’s full glory for our lives.

Glory is a word Christians have not handled well. It has a religious tone I find irritating in most conversations. Its backdrop is often clouds, harps and streets of gold… stuff that misses the mark. What if glory isn’t a place but an identity? What if glory is about experiencing our full identity and God’s? What if glory is what we give to the beauty, wonder and greatness of the world around us? There is a secret to glory but we first have to discuss the voice which mocks us.

We have heard it said “Life is a bitch, then you die.”

“Life is a cruel joke, a pointless string of years riddled with tragedy and unbearable sorrow…. For every fleeting moment of joy, there are hours of anxiety and depression. Jetliners crash, or are bombed out of the skies leaving wives, husbands or children stranded on the shores of loneliness. Women are raped and children left starving…. Life is a sad tragic tale. Yet in spite of the disappointment, the heart-rending tragedies, the times of untold grief and sorrow, we know we are made for glory. Even tragedy itself shouts that we belong to the circle of life. For tragedy would not be tragic to us, unless somehow we knew that we were made for glory.”

Injustice would not be troubling unless somehow we knew we weren’t meant for trouble.

We know we are made for more, for better things, making disappointment and anxiety a real but disturbing reality to our souls. “Pain or suffering, grief or anxiety are what we experience when we violate our identity. It may be that the cause of the violation comes from something we have done ourselves, or from something someone had done to us or from the inexplicable accidents of chaos. Whatever the cause, the reason it disturbs us so is it violates our beings.“

Glory still awaits nonetheless.

Life has only one beginning and one circle and we belong to it. “Our belonging also means that there is a harmony that we can violate, a union that we can contradict. To do so hurts.” When we do we are lost to our glory and filled with guilt and shame. We belong to the Father, Son and Spirit; the rhythm of that circle of life beats deep within our human hearts. To walk and reconnect to that rhythm is the glory Jesus came to secure for our lives. His intent was to bring us unto our full glory and to experience his full glory. To violate that rhythm is to violate our identity and our union with God. Being human we move in and out of our identity and live with the pain and suffering as a result. But the rhythm is still there, we can still connect yet again.

Paul, the writer of Colossians, spoke to the journey of glory when he said ‘This is the secret….hidden in the dark a long time….Christ in you the hope of glory.’ To follow Jesus and connect to the present rhythm of the Trinity is to follow our destiny to our full glory and to see his full glory.

And so the title of this post got you to read this far hey?

Todd Rutkowski

* quotes taken from C. Baxter Kruger in his book “The Great Dance”

~ by blueporch on October 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Life is a bitch…then you die”

  1. Not sure if Kruger goes in for life beyond the oscillating phases of anxiety and guilt on the one hand, and joy on the other. I think the great struggle, that requires humility (the rarest substance in the cosmos), is to find that sweet-spot of living in a constant embrace of God’s extended grace and our acknowledged need for Him. But recognising He has placed each of us in this mix of beauty and brokenness, yet feeling at peace with Him, others, and our self take faith, is the understand the test of the image of God in us. Letting go of our drive for perfection (jealousy, not admiration of God) is a hard thing to lay down – servanthood over an experience of mastery. This was Satan bad decision. But the mystery of carrying our own cross and at the same time carrying the easy yoke of Christ has been the essence of Christian wisdom through the centuries – and often the road not taken. I don’t think a treadmill cycle is the way, and that endurance is the missing equation in many who give up on their journey/marathon to God. A psychology that is grounded in the work of Jesus, resulting in a tangible reconciliation that is ‘now but not yet’, and the daily experience of oneness with God, the evidence of the Spirit, where in peace and freedom we call God our ever-loving, guiding, protecting, forgiving, “Father”, is the glory we are seeking to discover. Though we can rebel over and over against a parent – we are forever adopted, and that is the greater reality that breaks the anxiety cycle. Maybe this is what Kruger is saying – a sustainable peace with God.

  2. I appreciate your insights, Todd. I certainly connect more with writing that signals the author has “journeyed” a sufficient enough of a distance that his/her reflections are birthed in the soul rather than in a veil of good intent. Cheers, bro!

  3. Todd, it’s Mere [from your Shiloh days] ~ How I came upon this website I have no idea, but wow – this particular posting grabbed me at the first paragraph…and then I kept on reading. You’re right ~ glory is not a place, but an identity, that is cultivated and perfected through that pressing into a place of deep relationship with God.(oft times the result no longer leaning on the arm of strength). Keep daring to address those areas the “church” refuses to acknowledge ~ you’re spot on. 🙂

  4. Meredith… wow that is a long time… funny way to find someone… assume are still on the east coast of the USA… thanks for stopping in and commenting…

    just here in Bangkok at the aiport writing… wild world we live in!

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