Pretty Woman

I often don’t watch a movie more than once. I could count on both hands the number of movies I have seen twice. There is a couple of movies, however, that I have watched multiple times. To my surprise, and maybe yours, the movie I have seen the most often is ‘Pretty Woman’. Why do I watch it again and again? In part, the chemistry between the characters but largely due to the core hope it hits in me. This story encompasses the breath of our human condition while it discloses a core collision I find in my soul.

Pretty women invites us to experience the hidden beauty in the lowest place while it exposes the hidden brokenness in the highest place.

This movie touches both places in me simultaneously. Set in L.A. the story is about a powerless prostitute who discovers her worth and beauty and a powerful businessman that discovers the pretence and brokenness of his empty life. The playing field levelled as these two characters mirror their realities to one another. In each other they find themselves, see themselves and expose their hidden beauty and brokenness.

The Jesus story is about level ground too.

It is the story of God seeing hidden beauty in the lowest place and exposing brokenness in the highest place in his creation. It is about those two realities in our lives. The Jesus story is the universal story that we all broken and that our present insecurities are an uninterrupted alarm clock giving us a wakeup call to our need for love, purpose, meaning and justice. Yet we also all have a hidden beauty that wants to be named, called out and cultivated into its full glory. It is in the discovery and collision of these two realities within us to which the Jesus story speaks.

As humans we collectively live somewhere between our brokenness and the secret hope of our glory. We live in the gap. The Jesus story is about the one who took up the gap. Often our lives fall into disguising our hidden brokenness or missing our hidden beauty or both. Jesus is the mirror that both exposes our brokenness and names and calls out our beauty and glory.

The journey to our full glory and the full glory of others is what keeps the fight of life alive within us. It is this passion that keeps us alive and living for life…and hoping! And it should.

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on October 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “Pretty Woman”

  1. Your post makes me want to go grab the movie again… not sure I can watch Richard Gere in a movie again, and will be really surprised if I’m able to get past his acting to find truth in the movie – HA.

    All joking aside, I love the truths that hit you in that movie. There is without a doubt a real place of connecting with a story like this. I pray I’m able to really embrace it today.

  2. Todd, you’ve hit on the compelling truth that makes Pretty Woman so much more than just an ordinary love story. I still find myself shocked to discover that deep spiritual poverty can be found among the richest people I know. At the same time I’ve been surprised by the rich spiritual wisdom that can be found among the poor. Most of all, the needy person’s knowledge of his or her own need for God amounts to the greatest wealth of all — He has chosen the poor to be rich in faith.

    • I am wondering if part of the journey is also to see the hidden beauty and hidden brokenness in ourselves wherever we fall on the economic scale. It seems we all have low and high places within us. We all have areas where we feel powerful and powerless… areas where we don’t see our beauty and full glory and areas where we don’t see our brokenness whether rich or poor. It seems the polarization generally allows for one group to see one aspect more clearly… won’t it be cool if we all can idenify our hidden beauty and move forward into it and yet be restrained as we are self – aware of our brokenness….

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