Creation Calls – reminded of wonder

Brian Doerksen recently was sharing his heart through music at Karis society. Karis, is a society in our city with multiple recovery homes for women with addictions. It was a priviledge for me to support the leaders and Brian that evening and to also share some of my story with the women. At the end of the evening a request came for Brian to sing his song called ‘Creation Calls’ (A song he wrote years ago). When Brian, with Philip Janz on piano, and Brian’s daughter on percussion, played that song I was reminded of its simple and profound beauty. I was quickly caught up into the song.

Brian expressed that night how his website had been receiving thousands of hits requesting the youtube video that recently went viral with his song ‘Creation calls’… Brian said he has been telling people he had nothing to do with creating the video. Apparently someone else placed these fresh and moving images of BBC footage from planet earth to his song and 173,000 hits later it is still going viral…

Have a look at the video below and be reminded of the mercy of God… the wonder of God. I find I need moments where I am overwhelmed by the greatness of God… this montage provided one of those moments for me.

I believe
Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on September 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Creation Calls – reminded of wonder”

  1. Todd, I love this song! I just spent a month in Italy after finishing a 4.5 year graduate program. I needed a break from theology and quite honestly even from the bible, I listened to this song over and over while I connected with God through the amazing beauty of creation all around me. thanks for posting
    hope you are well:)

  2. Rose…. my poker playing friend… good to hear from you. Congrats on your graduate program… a great song it is… new scenery makes things alive again… now you can find God in the seattle rain again!!! Hope all is well at your community there… hope we will connect soon


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