A new reformation begins….

It was August 2009 when I had the privilege of being part of a pilgrimage to celebrate the launch of a fresh expression of community and arts in Dresden, Germany (former East Germany). Part of that pilgrimage took us to Prague to experience the historical impact of Jan Hus…a formative voice of the reformation. Another part of that journey took us to Wittenberg, Germany where we were guided through the preserved history of the Great Reformation, led in part by Martin Luther. It was from there that my connection to the past reformation and my sense of the present reformation connected and sparked hope for me. It was from that experience that I penned these words.

Falling into darkness
Beckoned by indulgences exchanged for life
Who prescribes for God
God alone

The ones who fear God led the way
The reformer’s hearts lit with fire
Fought in the political arena of the sacred
Generations in the making
Costing courage, costing lives

The church the vortex in the darkness
Shoots of life push through the stony soil
Battles are waged, life reaches the masses
Each one a hope, each one a recipient

Who can render such a war
Fought within the confines of sacred walls
He who has clean hands and pure heart I heard
The one where ruin is ever so close

The dividing walls broke down before them
History on hinges now this absence appalled
The door of access opened to God
Predicated on the scriptures available for all

Let reformation be once again
His church, His people now and then
Sacred is all, laymen no more
Life, work, family, creativity affords

With mounting pressure a new door gives way
The church seeps into culture once at bay
Confined behind forms and walls no more
Everyone a priest, let it go!

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on August 6, 2010.

One Response to “A new reformation begins….”

  1. Strong words catching the positive pulse of the Reformers’ hearts. Interesting to think of reformation, growth, liberation and religious freedom as a defiant act of “intolerance” towards Humanity’s religious corruption and social oppression. If a new reformation is the next gift of God to His people and the Western World, as so many of us are praying and hoping for, I wonder how He is going to get around both our tolerance of evil and self-indulgence, as well as our petty judgementalism and double standards. Nice to think that even many of the Pharisees converted after Jesus showed the way of God’s love and servanthood through dying on a cross (the heart of true religion). Perhaps He can wrestle our hearts and minds to the ground, like conniving Jacob, long enough for us to understand our own futility in fighting against a good God, and receive a blessing – one our world and our neighbourhoods desperately need.

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