It is so hard yet it’s simple part 2

It was a month later when we received an unpredicted urgent call from Ron. Maria had gone into early labor and was rushed to B.C. Women’s hospital. They called to ask if we could come be with them and pray for them again. As we arrived Maria was in tears. They discovered the women in the room next door just lost her baby to the same condition. We stayed with them, prayed and again felt something was happening. We laughed and cried as we all sat on her hospital bed eating pizza together. It was like we had known them for years.

Baby Emily was born Monday, Oct 19th by C-section. Not only did Emily live, the doctors sealed all the organs inside the body cavity and no chromosome issues or anomalies appeared. The projected 3 – 5 months in the hospital turned into 4 weeks. Emily was home and her results were immediately sent throughout North America declaring her a ‘miracle’ among those with this condition. No baby had done better. By year two she was on Children’s Television Network being declared ‘Miracle Emily’. Our house group threw a baby shower for Emily and as a family we were able to be in Emily’s life for a her first few years. At Emily’s baby shower we gave her a ‘Precious Moments’ figurine and a card retelling her story to her. The story of her birth from our perspective. We wanted her to know that Jesus loved her and had healed her. I often think about how she will see her life when she is old enough to know the story.

To live a missional life is simply to extend beyond ourselves. To connect to the God stories waiting to unfold around us. The wonder of being a part of Emily’s story came from simply being a present neighbor. It came because we emotionally moved into our neighborhood and believed that God would be at work around us. Learning to live in our neighborhoods is part of what it means to be missional and to live a Kingdom life.

The most difficult part of the journey was simply asking the question… “Can I pray for you?”…. why was something simple so hard?

Todd Rutkowski

~ by blueporch on July 31, 2010.

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